Roses Festival

14th Roses Festival in Nova Gorica, Slovenia runs from April 27th to May 26th.

On Sunday, May 19th, Šola aromaterapije participates with two events:
1. a demonstration of rose distillation (9.00-12.00h)
2. the International Exhibition of Natural Perfumes (12-17h).

This exhibition was first held in Ljubljana in spring 2018. Later that year it was part of the opening ceremony of the Botanica2018 conference in Brighton, England. Now the guests of the Roses Festival will have a chance to visit it and experience the scents of all-natural perfumes.

Both events will take place in the beautiful Garden of the Fanciscan Monastery in Kostanjevica.

If you are a fan of nature and its fragrances, and you find yourself in Nova Gorica or somewhere nearby on May 19th, do not miss this extraordinary opportunity! Bring your nose to a true party – the encounter with perfumes made exclusively of natural ingredients. This is an exclusive event, the exhibition is unique on an European scale.