Fragrant Signatures – Natural Perfumery Education

Some research results say that when choosing perfumes, we prefer those that fit well with the natural scent of our bodies and harmoniously complete it, thus emphasizing our biological signal.

Research has also shown that when people apply self-selected fragrances, the effect is rated as more pleasant than when they apply a scent chosen by someone else.

Therefore, we can regard self-composed perfumes as extremely exclusive ones, and if we use only natural materials, as top luxury, too.

Natural perfumery education consists of two modules, each lasting 32 hours (4 days x 8 hours).



Content of education – Module 1:

  • Natural perfumery and its building blocks
  • How our sense of smell works
  • Working with fragrant materials: preparing space and  materials, sniffing technique, conducting scent evaluation, skin chemistry
  • Studying notes  &  keeping records
  • Composing accords (Jean Carles method)
  • Making a brief
  • Perfume composing trials: ratios between accords
  • Composing alcohol-based perfume
  • Composing oil-based perfume
  • Natural perfumery safety
  • Describing scents/Fragrant glossary

During the education, participants create their alcohol-based (EdT-15ml) perfume and oil-based perfume (5ml). In addition to workbook (cca 100 pages),  work palette (21 fragrant materials in 10ml bottles with pipettes), created perfumes and certificate of completion, participants are provided with all necessary equipment (roll-on bottle for oil-based perfume, bottles, pipettes, stickers, scent strips etc.).

After completing Module 1 participants are trained to create alcohol and oil-based perfumes and can finish their education at this level.

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