Holiday Gift Idea

HE-HE! (Instead of the all-present HO-HO!)

Here’s an idea: consider the possibility of turning the Fragrant Signatures manual into a holiday gift for yourself or someone you love. It will be a long lasting gift, I would dare to say – for a lifetime.

The task of creating a natural perfume is challenging, the realization takes a lot of time. Along the way you enjoy and learn all kinds of things about the fragrant world and about yourself. The result is a feeling of achievement, satisfaction, pride, well-being… And, of course, a unique natural perfume that is literally your portrait in a bottle. In every way: psychological, biological, spiritual, cognitive.
What more would one need?

Are you intrigued? Persistent enough? Are you feeling adventurous? Ready for patient work? For creative enjoyment? If so, you can purchase the manual here.

NOTE: For a 20% discount, enter AROMATERAPIJA20 in the discount code box.

Well, have a nice holiday! And all the days to come!

Smell natural – feel good!