Camp for Creators of Natural Perfumes

As part of this year’s Daffodil Festival organized by the Blidinje Nature Park from 26 to 28 May, the first camp for creators of natural perfumes will be held. It will last two days, and its theme is the smell of daffodils, which at that time bloom in huge quantities in the valley there.

We have been working for a long time to create a network of natural perfume creators who have completed the Fragrant Signatures education. The camp will be an ideal opportunity to unleash your creativity, get to know colleagues, socialize, but also a chance to rest and relax in that beautiful corner of the world.

If you are curious and want to join the work in the camp, you have to bring palette 1 (the one we worked with in Module 1). Our colleague Nada will prepare a “sniff – bar” for all participants of the camp, i.e. a range of scented materials of local origin, with which you will be able to expand your “fragrant arsenal”. Nada made an effort to cover the camp with donated funds, so the accommodation and food for the participants of the camp are free. You’ll have to cover the travel expenses yourself. There are 20 places in the camp. The arrival is planned for Thursday, May 25, and the return for Sunday, May 28.

The camp lasts two days. We’ll be provided with a separate space, so that we could work undisturbed by other events at the Festival. Each creator is expected to formulate a perfume inspired by impressions of the local landscape and atmosphere. All created perfumes will be presented to Festival visitors at an appositely organized exhibition.

There are also other events planned: an evening enfleurage workshop in the field of daffodils, and a workshop of distilling local herbs. If you wish you can participate in them.

Depending on where you’re coming from, in which arrangement, and how much time you have available, keep in mind that at that time of year, the round trip (Ljubljana)-Zagreb-Sarajevo-Mostar-Blidinje-Počitelj-Ploče, then back north along the Adriatic highway is a great experience!

Nada, Ana and myself hope that this information will spark your creative spirit and you will join us. 🙂 See you at the Daffodil Festival 2023!

Information and registration: Ana Ličina Aroma Atelier / +386 40 641 712