Camp for Creators of Natural Perfumes Completed!

We successfully implemented the Camp’s for creators of natural perfumes plan, which our trio (Nada, Ana and me) has been “concocting” for months. Attendees of different groups that in the last 10 years completed Module 1 of the School of Natural Perfumery Fragrant Signatures gathered. Most of them have never met in person. We came from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and B&H.

All participants had to bring their Module 1’s palette of fragrant materials and all equipment needed for the work. In order to respond as successfully as possible to the organizers’ desire for the created perfumes to reflect local smellscape, there was a prepared sniff-bar waiting for us, i.e. a collection of essential oils and hydrolates distilled from plants growing in the Blidinje Natural Park. In return, the organizers (CISP / Blidinje Nature Park) received a sample of each created perfume for their archive.

After the scheduled hours of joint work, the participants could organize their creation process as they saw fit: take a walk carrying blotters with fragrant materials with themselves and consider their perfume plan, exchange ideas with other participants, or work sitting alone at the desk. And there was a friendly, cuddly kitty that could be endlessly stroked while “hunting” for a decision on the ingredients for the perfume formula. It was a very intensive work that required a lot of effort and dedication. Every day in a plein air we had a round of discussion about the created compositions. It was a pleasant and cheerful experience full of good vibes. Lots of smelling and laughter!

On the second day, a part of the permanent traveling educational exhibition Fragrant Signatures was presented. And the participants of the Camp prepared their own exhibition, showing enviable creativity: they used coffee cups and saucers to present just created perfumes reflecting Blidinje smellscape! That was stunningly sniff-fascinating!!!

It’s a shame that the organizers didn’t consider the event worth advertising and inviting tourists visiting the park and other potentially interested people to stop by and use the opportunity to smell the exclusive fragrance creations, express their impressions and talk about the experience of sense of smell.

We all are richer for a fabulously beautiful experience, and all perfume creators own an unique perfume they will be able to enjoy this summer. 🙂