Nature & Nurture Project

Pharm. Sevil Ağalar Altınel introduces her project Nature & Nurture:

“My interest in natural oils and blending began with my studies abroad during my master’s education. I started with small experiments at home, and exploring solutions with new compounds continuously intrigued my curiosity and was very satisfying to me personally.

I started my career in the pharmaceutical industry, which limited my progress  in the aromatherapy field, until the birth of my daughter in 2001. I was able to focus my interest in nature and natural products, once again, with my little princess.

When my newborn baby was 10 days old, the mosquitoes were causing discomfort and pain, and I started thinking about how I can help her with essential oils abundant in nature versus chemical recepies.

As a person with natural-oriented mentality, I created my aromatic mosquito repellant formulation. At that time, I was not aware this formulation will be the first aromatic insect repellent brand produced in Turkey.

The mixture I applied to my little girl was so successful, that it attracted the attention of the people around us, so they wanted to use it as well.. The feedback and results increased my belief in the power of natural products. As a pharmacist, I have seen that it is a part of our mission and profession to introduce the power of natural products to the community.

When I opened my own private pharmacy in 2004, my dream was to set up a phytotherapy / aromatherapy corner by preparing tea recepies and oil mixtures. At that time essential oils were recently developing in Turkey.

People started to ask if I could help them to prepare mixtures for their problems. These positive reactions and desires brought me closer to the idea of creating a brand, which I eventually did by patenting the Nature & Nurture brand in 2015.  I started it with the principle of not using any substance that I would not use for my own child.

Nature & Nurture, which emerged with the passion of nature and clean products, reaches our pharmacies and our people by integrating the principle of nature, clean and quality content, and ethical values. A functioning system was created with emphasis on user, pharmacist and doctor feedback and requests.

The oils used in Nature & Nurture products are of the highest quality, raw materials are purchased by selecting those that comply with the quality standards of the oils produced in our country. The selection of oils was made by taking the advice and opinions of my esteemed professors apart from my own researches.

In order to increase the knowledge behind aromatherapy and become a visionary, we participated in local pharmacist congresses, published articles in the pharmacists’ e-newspapers and influential health publications, collaborated closely with the Aromatherapy Association AROMADER and established presence in the board of directors.

Nature & Nurture products have become clean and reliable brand in the aromatherapy field, and are recognized by our pharmacies and doctors as a domestic property.

Nature & Nurture Aromatherapy will continue to innovate and new products will be available soon.

The main principle of the brand is to give priority to the local oil producers, and ensure that it is known for aromatherapy products produced with reliable active ingredients.

Thanks for the nature, thanks for who believe the power of the nature…

Pharm. Sevil Ağalar Altınel