An Article in Aromatherapy Today

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to write an article on natural perfumery for the Australian Journal Aromatherapy Today. It was published in May / June 2019 issue no. 74 and titled “Natural Perfume – Create It Yourself”.

In the article, I discussed the differences between natural and commercial perfumes, the way natural perfumes affect the well-being of people who wear them, various options to find them, and suggested what I believe to be the optimal solution: self-creation of a natural perfume according to one’s own taste and personal scent preferences.

I supported my assertions with the knowledge gained during my 15 years of experience in natural perfumery teaching and illustrated them with the statements of my students who feel comfortable and are happy wearing the perfumes they created.

Well, I’m really glad I added a droplet of good vibe to the wave of world’s natural perfumery!