Treat your nose to an unusual experience of enjoying natural perfumes!

We are hosting an international exhibition of natural perfumes – FRAGRANT SIGNATURES in Ljubljana on October 23 from 9 am to 7pm. The exhibition is a part of this year’s Nature-Health Fair in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The exhibition is a collection of perfumes (30 of them) that have been created by students who completed Fragrant Signatures education, which I have held for the last fifteen years, most often in Ljubljana. Therefore, my long-time collaborator Ana Ličina (https://www.analicina.com) and I (http://aromaterapija.info/) are co-responsible for the idea of organizing the exhibition and its implementation.

Our travelling exhibition has an educational character, with the intention to educate the public about the possibilities and benefits of using natural perfumes. You can meet us at gatherings of people who love and respect nature (festivals, conferences, symposia, fairs).

For the supporters of today’s trend of returning to nature, such perfumes are a self-evident choice. With the significant interest in learning how to create natural perfumes, the number of creators and this unique exhibition, Slovenia has positioned itself on the world perfume scene as an important center of natural perfumery.

The exhibition will feature alcoholic perfumes by creators from Slovenia, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the Netherlands. Perfumes are made of essential oils, concretes, absolutes, codestillates / coextracts, tinctures and CO2 extracts. The creators used a very wide range of materials: vanilla, neroli, jasmine, rose, labdanum, bergamot, patchouli, black and pink pepper, osmanthus, myrrh, incense, violet leaf absolute, cardamom, cocoa absolute, ambrette seed CO2, nutmeg, clary sage, Litsea citrata, guaiac wood, benzoin, oakmoss absolute, wild carrot, fir absolute, tonka absolute, ylang ylang extra, petitgrain, basil, coffee, cape chamomile, green mandarin, clove bud absolute, Virginian cedarwood, geranium, tobacco absolute, vetiver…

Visit the exhibition and:

– “sharpen” your sense of smell
– exchange with other visitors your impressions about fragrances
– listen to a lecture “Why natural perfume?
– fill out the survey about your olfactory impressions
– choose your favourites
– participate in the prize game


October 14th, 2020 – THE FAIR IS CANCELLED.



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