Natural Perfumery Retreat in Slovenia

Join a Natural Perfumery Retreat in Slovenia! It will take place from August 31st to September 5th 2024

The program includes:
6 hours of lectures and practical work per day
handbook Fragrant Signatures
palette of 21 fragrant materials
– kit of necessary equipment
certificate of completion
healthy food 

We can accept a group of 8 participants.
Are you coming?

You will learn how to:
Explore natural fragrant materials
Reconnect with your nose and olfactory preferences
Build creative competence
Create your own natural perfume
Care for ecological footprint

Why is Natural Perfumery Important?

By wearing self-created natural perfume, one promotes their well-being and emphasizes personal biological signal.*
If you want to wear a perfume that will cooperate well with your body chemistry, the task of its creation can be best performed by you, your nose and your brain. For natural perfumes’ creation one needs passion, dedication, self-discipline, and patience.

*Research results say that when choosing perfumes, people prefer those that fit well with the natural scent of their bodies and harmoniously complement it.

About Us & Our Approach

The goal of the Fragrant Signatures – School of Natural Perfumery is to provide you with tools to immerse yourself in the world of natural fragrant materials and learn how to create your own natural perfumes. The school was designed in 2005 by Slobodanka Poštić.

Natural perfumes are not just another popular whim. People wore such perfumes till the end of the 19th century when, with the progress of organic chemistry, the first fragrant molecules were synthesized. They were cheaper and easier to produce, so they soon replaced natural fragrant materials. But today, due to the awareness that the loss of contact with nature is unhealthy, people tend to use natural materials wherever possible. This applies to perfumes as well.

Slobodanka Poštić is a teacher, aromatherapist, natural perfumery educator, author of the Fragrant Signatures Manual for Creating Natural Perfumes. As an educator, she enjoys witnessing the curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity of her students, as well as the impact that the process of creating and wearing natural perfumes has on their well-being. Slobodanka also manages a resourceful website Aromaterapija.info about aromatherapy, natural perfumery, and olfactory experiences.

Ana Ličina is a certified aromatherapist. She has been collaborating with Slobodanka for over ten years, with a goal to raise public awareness about natural perfumery. They organize education in natural perfumery, international exhibitions of natural perfumes, media appearances, etc. Ana manages Aroma Atelier, dedicated to education in natural perfumery, aromatherapy, distillation, and natural skincare.

Study Topics

  • The difference between natural and synthetic perfumes.
  • History of using natural fragrant materials.
  • Types of fragrant materials.
  • Notes and accords.
  • Scent profiles of 21 materials.
  • Skin chemistry and the effect of scent on emotions.
  • Perfume families and combining fragrant materials.
  • Different forms of fragrant products.
  • Creation of a personal alcohol-based perfume.
  • Guidelines for further study.

For more information, please contact us:

*. *. *

Impressions of former students:

“My knowledge of perfumes was in the range of perfume products in the store – you smell, you buy; and the question of colleagues: what perfume do you use? That I can put together the most beautiful scents, scents that are dear to me, it’s something I didn’t know exist. “

“It was super, fantastic! Slobodanka is really an empress. When I got home, my husband said: “Ooo, how nice you smell! Yummy, what is this?” Hahahaha ? I have a box of blotters and bottles on the table here in the living room and it seems to me that the whole room has a  labdanum and patchouli aura. In short, I can’t wait for the second part of the education! ” – T. on feelings after the first weekend of education.

“Slobodanka and Ana are a great combination, if I add my classmates, creativity is guaranteed. It rounds out knowledge, cooperation, readiness, curiosity, love, attention, temperament, energy. “ – A. about why she wanted to attend the same school again.

“Everything was wonderful, what a beauty these scents are! Wonderful atmosphere and good people, perfect. I’m still euphoric, so this morning I started a small amount of perfumer’s alcohol using benzoin and vanilla. ” – I. about her feelings after starting school.

“It was wonderful in your company and you took very good care of all of us: a friendly and professional approach, nice boxes of fragrances, extensive material … it couldn’t be better.” – K. on school satisfaction.

And some impressions of the students after wearing their own natural perfumes for a while:

“My perfume helps me to be well. My clary sage is definitely doing its job, I have perfumotherapy. ”

“I love my perfume. I can’t tell you how good he is. Amazing, what a perfection for the first creation! ”

“I enjoy smelling my perfume products, it all makes me very happy.”

“My perfume is getting depth, I love to wear it. It calms me down, encourages me and makes me feel special.”

“Perfumes smell nice and bring good mood and a smile to my face every day.”

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