The International Exhibition of Natural Perfumes – Volčji Potok, June 10th 2022

The International Exhibition of Natural Perfumes will take place on June 10th, 2022 in Volčji potok arboretum in Slovenia.  From 1 to 8 pm, visitors will have the opportunity to tune their noses to the scents of natural perfumes, meet the creators of exhibited perfumes and learn details about their creation, share their impressions with other lovers of natural scents, choose their favorite perfume and participate in the prize game.

These perfumes are the creations of the participants in the education on creating natural perfumes. For the last sixteen years, I have been holding Fragrant Signatures, the School of Natural Perfumery, when and where there was interest in this topic. Most often it was in Ljubljana, Slovenia, sometimes in Croatia, and on two occasions in Portugal. My long-time coworker Ana Ličina (Ana Ličina Aroma Atelier) and me (http://aromaterapija.info/) are co-responsible for the idea of organizing the exhibition and for its implementation.

For the fans of today’s back-to-nature trend such perfumes are a self-evident choice. With high interest in learning about the creation of natural perfumes, the number of creators and this unique exhibition, Slovenia has positioned itself on the world perfumery scene as an important center of natural perfumery. This exhibition of an educational character was first organized in Ljubljana in March 2018. Since then, we have been setting it up at different local and international events of back-to-nature profile (festivals, conferences, symposia, fairs…) with the intention to inform the public about the possibilities and benefits of using natural perfumes.

The creators of the current collection of thirty natural perfumes are students who have completed Fragrant Signatures education and whose imagination was sparked by the scents of natural materials. They all donated their perfumes for the exhibition and Ana and myself are sincerely grateful for that. Alcohol-based perfumes by creators from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Croatia and the Netherlands, composed of essential oils, concretes, absolutes, codestillates/coextracts, tinctures and CO2 extracts will be displayed. The creators utilised a very wide range of materials: vanilla absolute, neroli, jasmine absolute, rose, labdanum absolute, bergamot, patchouli, black and pink pepper, osmanthus absolute, myrrh, frankincense, cardamom, orange blossom absolute, cocoa absolute, ambrette seeds extracts, wild carrot, clary sage, guaiacwood, benzoin resinoid, petitgrain, basil ct. linalool, coffee, cape chamomile, green mandarin, clove buds, virginia cedar, geranium, violet leaf absolute, vetiver, nutmeg…

I am extremely proud of the fact that several creators decided to subject their perfumes to a strict sieve of IFRA (an international organization that promotes the safe use of scented materials used in cosmetics) regulations and launched their perfumes on the world market. Fragrant Hugs and Miranda Perfumes – hat off!